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Temporary Housing

Our inventory includes:

Mobile Sleeper Trailers

  • 12-18 beds

  • Power source for each bunk

  • Privacy curtain for each bunk

  • Climate controlled

  • Fire alarms

  • Reading light

  • Storage space for each occupant

  • Outfitted with linen kits

Sleeping Tents

  • Propose 50 sq ft per person

  • Includes walls, doors, lighting, fire extinguishers, climate control, covenience outlets and exit signs


  • Elevated, plywood or plastic subflooring for sleeping & DFAC tents to provide adequate drainage


  • 250- 300 lb. capacity military style cots for sleeping tents


  • Linen packages each to include: 1 pillow, 2 pillow cases, 1 blanket, 2 flat sheets & 1 laundry bag

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