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Beachview Damage Assessors compose a two-person, damage assessment team that surveys communities before and after storms strike the area(s). These assessors have a history of electrical line work and are able to quickly identify what response actions need to take place after a storm strikes. Assessment teams can also aid in gathering detailed, post-disaster information to be used by the electric utility’s operations center to evaluate the severity of damage and to strategize its response and recovery efforts.



Beachview has the ability to provide aerial assessments, utilizing our two AS 350 helicopters. With the use of helicopters, Beachview aerial assessment teams can efficiently inspect up to 150-200 miles of transmission lines per day. This solution creates a more efficient process for damage assessment, by expediting the process and minimizing the need for ground operations. Aerial assessments are also extremely useful for the post-storm assessment and restoration effort.


The information gathered from both ground and aerial assessments will:

  • Determine what responses and actions will be initiated by utility crew

  • Alert neighbors to structural problems in homes and potentially dangerous neighborhood situations



Beachview Damage Assessors are required to:

  • Pass a certification course

  • Attend monthly training seminars

  • Follow all safety protocols of the utility

  • Wear proper PPE at all times

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